Current Trends in Home Renovation in Sydney

Current Trends in Home Renovation in Sydney

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House renovation has become much more than a necessity of repainting aging walls. We smarten up our dwellings, steering both new homes and heritage houses towards a better design and ergonomics. Australian houses don’t trail behind the global-scale trend. Thus, we’re taking a quick look at some current trends in home renovation in Sydney and around the area.

For old houses and new houses: a new quality of DIY in home improvement

No matter what kind of property you are keeping in mind: brand new hi-tech structures, old houses or atmospheric heritage homes, it’s the right time for some good quality furniture revamp.

Today DIY is not just a hobby or a way to fix junk, but a full-scale art. With all the options and ideas available on the market and online it’s easy as pie to upscale do-it-yourselfer skills to a level of design craftsman. Individuality and creative touch, paired with skillful fingers, bring absolute uniqueness to Aussie houses.

Actually, top-grade one-of-a-kind elements of interior design enjoy a real boom everywhere these days. So don’t be afraid to venture for DIY while renovating your home.

 Bathroom renovations: bathrooms are ROOMS

Bathrooms used to be treated more like backstage utility areas, not real rooms. But the old days are gone, and modernity demands high quality bathroom renovations: creative design ideas, space extension, and extra lightning options. Some of the most popular solutions boast in freestanding bathtubs, plants display, natural stone, mosaic tiling, etc.

Any design you pick up will bring a new perspective to your bathroom as long as you add a pinch of individuality to it. One more amazing popular trend we can’t pass by, is adding a natural light to your bathroom. Although inviting the daylight into every corner of your house can be troublesome with windowless blind walls, hidden LED wall lights can fix it and create just the right mood. Yet, a good result is not that easy to accomplish.

The bathroom renovation may require a professional designer touch, as well as owner’s challenging ideas, which can truly turn old houses into a masterpiece. Well, this rule applies to all kinds of home improvement.

Ecofriendly Solutions for Sydney and other areas: Passive Houses 

Ecofriendly technologies are all the rage at the moment, and there are enough reasons to believe it will stay that way with more innovations to come. Passive House is a nice example of environment-oriented design, which might sound passive, but in fact it’s more dynamic than many rivals.

What a quirk in the world of home improvement! Enormous energetic efficiency and decreased ecological footprint derive from a smart ventilation system, which creates a healthy environment inside of the house. Heat changing units allow coordinating between the temperatures inside and outside of the building. It’s been a while since the passive house was first seen by audience, but the standard used to be deployed predominantly for non-residential property builders.

Now it’s becoming increasingly popular in many countries accompanying Solar Passive Houses, Active Houses and Smart Houses. The first full-scale Passive House in Australia was built back in 2014. The list of designers and architects working with this standard lengthens every year. It’s not always an easy task to upgrade already existing building to a new eco levels, but it’s definitely worth it.

A lot of Australian houses, in Sydney, in particular, are being built or renovated according to the principles of green design.

No matter which approach you favor, keep in mind there are many other home improvement ideas to discover, and to give them a chance!