Easy Air Conditioner Tips Everyone Should Know

Easy Air Conditioner Tips Everyone Should Know

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Air conditioner makes our life easy and saves us from burning in the summer. Imagine how you feel if your air conditioner suddenly breaks down in the summer days? To avoid this situation everybody should know some important factors about the HVAC system that will not only prevent breakdowns but also save your bills.

Tips you should know about your Air Conditioner:

  • Clean the air filter of your air conditioner every month mainly in high use seasons. When the air filter is full of dust, the air flow will decrease, and it will create more pressure on your system.
  • You must check the electrical connections of the AC. Remove the panel and look if there is any case of overheating, loose connections melted wires,
  • Check the condenser unit fan of your HVAC system. It is outdated or not in shape? Then replace it with a new one or call a professional to repair. Check also the blades of the fan if there is any crack or not.
  • Often people don’t give attention to the outside unit of the air conditioner. Over time grass and leaves will grow around the outside area. It will reduce the system performance. Use a garden hose to eliminate the debris. But be aware that the delicate fins will not get damaged.
  • There is a drain line above the furnace. Use chlorine bleach with water to wash the drain so that dirt cannot jam it.
  • If your home is congested with too many furniture, then place your air conditioner at such a place that the airflow could not be blocked.

Call a good service technician once a year for maintenance so that your device will run efficiently. Choose ac repair studio city for servicing of your air conditioner as they have the best service technician.