How to Do Home Improvements and Pest Prevention at the Same Time

How to Do Home Improvements and Pest Prevention at the Same Time

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Doing home improvements makes sure that all of your broken fixtures are replaced; your appliances are replaced with more energy efficient ones and helps your home become more stylish. Carrying out these improvements can also increase your resale value, and make you feel like your living in a new home again. But many people don’t consider that doing some home improvements can be an ideal time to do some pest prevention too.

Painting and re-plastering walls is the most common home improvement UK homeowners do each year. Whilst your doing this, you might want to check your walls for any cracks, crevices or holes. Even the tiniest gap in your wall is the perfect entryway for pests, so seal them off when you are redecorating. Make sure to check around any pipes or wires that come into your home from outside too.

If you’re looking at replacing some of your appliances with newer models, not only will you have a shiny new appliance that is energy efficient, it’s also a perfect time to do a good clean. Larger appliances like fridges and ovens accumulate dirt that attracts pests. Before you install your new appliances, give the area a good clean with disinfectant to remove any crumbs or dirt.

Plumbing repairs may also be a part of your home improvements. Pests are always seeking out sources of water, so a leaky faucet is the perfect place for them to get the water they need. A leak may also be an indicator that there is a crack somewhere that needs to be sealed up, stopping pests from entering your home.

The next thing you can move on to is repairing or replacing your doors and windows. Not only can they make your home more energy efficient, it also makes sure any access pests may have through cracks or gaps are sealed up for good. If you don’t want to replace your windows and doors, try weather sealing them to protect from pests and unwanted moisture.

Carrying out pest control and prevention whilst improving your home can pay off in savings and repair costs in the future. To get a professional pest inspection of your home in the London boroughs, consider calling Pest Exterminators.