How to Find a Good Plumber – Self-Employed or Working For a Company

How to Find a Good Plumber – Self-Employed or Working For a Company

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If you are looking for a good plumber you need to be warned about something.  Right now there are thousands of unemployed plumbers and hiring one of these people is taking quite a chance.  Unless they can show you certifications and many references, the advice is for you to go with a company of plumbers.

Fast and cheap

Plumbing involves complex tasks and a plumber needs to be knowledgeable and have precision.  Pages in almost any phone book of any city you will find many plumbers who claim they do work fast and cheap.

Some scams

Unfortunately, some people are in this business just to make some fast money and in many cases are running a scam.

Works with a company

A plumber who works with a company, especially one that has been open for many years, is going to have all the certificates, certifications and licenses they need and will be able to do any tasks that you have such as:

  • Fixing toilets;
  • Faucets,
  • Fountains;
  • Saunas;
  • Showers

Too expensive

If you are afraid a company will be more expensive you can check websites such as Top Tradespeople to find someone who works for themselves and might not be so expensive.  But, in my opinion, you are still taking a chance.

Working with a company

Most plumbers with a company are going to be able to handle just about anything that you need fixed because they not only have a customer to please but also the owner of the company they are with.  Plumbers that work for a company will have others to turn to if they cannot work your project.  They will probably have to do some “continuing education” for their company and a company is the reference and is backing up the plumber’s work.

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