Recognising A Good Bug From A Harmful One

Recognising A Good Bug From A Harmful One

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Most bugs are harmless when left to their own devices in your garden. Here’s a great list on how to tell the good guys from the villains.

Rove Beetle Vs Earwig

Rove beetles are the good guys here. They feed on other insects, like mites, flies and aphids. This is what makes them so good to have in your garden. Earwigs on the other hand can be very destructive. They will feed on and damage any number of your plants and vegetables. If you have cracks and holes around your home too, they will find their way in and cause an infestation. Earwigs aren’t poisonous and they won’t bite you, but they’re still not very pleasant to have around.

Lady Birds Vs Mexican Bean Beetle

I think everyone loves lady birds! Aphids are their main food source, so they act as a great natural way of controlling these pests. You can even buy them. The Mexican bean beetle looks very similar to the lady bird, but they are very destructive. They will cling to the underside of leaves, and chomp away until it’s gone. If they manage to damage enough leaves on the plant, it will weaken and die.

Hover Flies Vs Wasps

If you have a lot of flowers in your garden, you may find that you are frequented by flying insects quite a bit. One of the harmless ones is the hoverfly. They will not sting, and will also get rid of the aphids around your garden for you. Wasps on the other hand, are a real pest. They ruin picnics, and have one of the nastiest stings you can imagine. If you have a wasps nest on your property, I would seriously suggest calling in a professional pest controller, like Catch-It Pest Control.

The important thing to know about insects is that though they may look similar, they have key differences that make some good and some bad. Being able to recognise the good guys from the bad guys can help with natural pest control, and help you beat a pest problem in the long run.